About the APA #1: Embedded & IoT Systems category

Welcome to APA #1!

This forum is one of several places to get help/support on the Applied Physical Attacks course.

Please be aware - this site is publicly visible. Keep that in mind as you configure your profile and write your posts.

My expectation is that the discussions here will fall in one of 3 categories:

  1. Questions and issues applying the techniques and completing the course labs. If that is the nature of your question, include the lab number in the topic title.

  2. Background questions - any topics I may have glossed over or you haven’t encountered before, that may be prerequisite knowledge to understand the lab or lecture topic.

  3. ‘Future work’ type questions - you may have just gotten a serial console on the class target, but what are you worried about for the next system you try to hack, when you don’t have the class lab procedure prepared.