CPE Credit Value

How many Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits is the APA #1 class worth? Please pick a number that won’t change over time and ideally post it somewhere publicly on the course website. If you think the number will change because the course material is still evolving, then consider adding a version number to the course such at APA #1 version 2.0 when the CPE credit value changes.

Thanks for a great class.

I hear your feedback and am working on it. The long-term answer is 2 days or 16 CPEs.

I originally brought 16-CPE APA#1 class online. Over the past year, I’ve brought most of APA#2 online as well, but am limited by additional required hardware. Rather than keep it locked up or selling an incomplete course, I’ve made all that material available from APA#1

In the near future, I plan to split the classes apart again, into 2 separate 16-CPE courses. I’ll be giving everyone with current access to APA#1 access to APA#2 as well until the additional hardware requirements are resolved.

I’d rather stick to the 16-CPE measurement than have to track versioning of the course and calculating CPEs per version…

I also have to synchronize/deduplicate a few pages across securinghardware.com and learn.securinghardware.com. The official wording right now is:


In-person: 2 days, 16 CPEs. Custom offerings may include advanced topics and run longer

Online: 4 days, 32 CPEs when completing all labs including the advanced labs