SVF file generation using tigard

I am on SSD 6 and I am attempting to work on .svf file generation so I can learn how it is done and utilized. I am unable to find any specific software other than that produced by AMD’s Xilinx and Intel’s Cyclone branches for their FPGA suits that build .svf files, I also was unable to find sufficient documentation on svf command format for writing your own line by line. I did see that there was a similar post on APA#1 that was also asking about svf files but I do not believe it has sufficiently answered the question of actually building your own from captures or logs. If it is possible may I get the normal .svf chain explanation from capture to replay.

I understand this may not be necessarily part of the course so I thank anyone for their responses!

In order to get the SVF for the demo video, we ran OpenOCD in debug mode which logged all the IRs and DRs. At that point, we made a script to parse it and turn it into an svf file.

SVF is generally only used for configuring FPGAs - but it was an existing standard file format for JTAG transactions - and one that had several readily available software implementations. We chose to use it because while generating the SVF itself wasn’t exactly trivial, all the others steps were.

I believe we were using OpenOCD 8.0 at the time, and so much has likely changed since we generated those SVF files. While OpenOCD has the ability to ‘play’ svf files, I don’t know of anyone else who’s use it to generate them. The most i’ve done in the recent past was doing a few minor JTAG operations with hand-coded SVF files, which i did from an ESP microcontroller board using GitHub - emard/LibXSVF-ESP: ESP32/8266 Arduino as (X)SVF JTAG programmer

I’d love to hear if anyone else has poked around with SVF’s though!

Hope this helps,